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Fun With Friends

We took the pooch back to the Hooch (Georgia slang for the Chattahoochee River) this morning where he had a grand ole time. He was romping and racing – And lunging and chasing – Darting and dashing – And spraying … Continue reading

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The Bachelor or the Bathtub?

The female Cardinals in my backyard aren’t getting a moment’s peace these days. The other day I watched as three brilliant bachelors (in color, not intellect) did their best to impress a lovely lady, while also trying to intimidate each … Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink

Our backyard Dogwoods are blossoming, and while they sure do look lovely in their creamy white… …there’s no denying they are pretty in pink! I think it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung!

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Unforgotten Feathered Friends

As of late, a lot of my photos have been of this furry fellow, who once again enjoyed a romp in the lake today… …but I haven’t forgotten my feathered friends.  Here’s a five-bird-bouquet of early spring visitors. And here’s … Continue reading

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Doing His Best to Look Dashing

The male Bluebird that hangs about my backyard is doing his best to look dashing these days.  He is rather comical as he strikes pose… …after pose… …after pose… trying to capture the attention of this lovely lady. Whenever she … Continue reading

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Macho Man

I hate to say it, but when I saw this male Red-winged Blackbird putting on a display of his dominance my mind started singing that horrible song from the seventies… Macho, macho man…drat those Village People!

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Seeing Their First Sunrise

These daffodils that blossomed yesterday got to see their first sunrise this morning. A happy way to start the day! 🙂

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