The Bachelor or the Bathtub?

The female Cardinals in my backyard aren’t getting a moment’s peace these days.

The other day I watched as three brilliant bachelors (in color, not intellect) did their best to impress a lovely lady, while also trying to intimidate each other. They alternated between bobbing their heads and flapping their wings in an effort to woo the woman, and darting, diving, and pecking at each other.

So which do you think she chose?
Bachelor number one?

Bachelor number two?

Or bachelor number three?

The answer: none of the above!  At least not yet.
This time she chose the bathtub over the bachelors, and helped herself to a leisurely soaking.

I could almost see her rolling her eyes at their antics, saying, “Calgon, take me away!”
Besides, I think she’s holding out ’til they start bringing the food offerings. She’s pretty and smart!

21 thoughts on “The Bachelor or the Bathtub?

  1. I’ve had a fondness for the female Cardinal since I was a young girl growing up in southeastern Pennsylvania. I loved their softer colors and less flashy demeanor too. All three of these male contenders are gorgeous, though #1 would be my choice. She is one wise girl to wait until each proves his long term worth. Beautiful photos. Thank-you!

  2. I am always so amazed and inspired by your photography. Incredible photos and I love the background info! It brings so much life to the photos

  3. Benjamin has come to visit the Cardinals. He loves “the Mommy taking a tubbie!” I have a bird bath for my yard on it’s way, then maybe we will have “birds in tubbies too”! Thank-you x 2!!

  4. Oh Kathy! How funnnn! and you go lady cardinal! let calgon take you away and let those crazy guys work it out. They are all quite handsome though 🙂

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