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Worthy of the Name

Often times, when one sees a Red-bellied Woodpecker, there is little, if any, red on the belly…as in the case of this fellow who stopped in the other day. But every once in awhile, one comes along that is worthy … Continue reading

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Puddling Like Prell

While on our “Mutts to the Mountains” get-away, we were delighted to see an abundance of beautiful butterflies fluttering about. Instead of hovering over flowers (which aren’t fully blooming yet) many of them were “puddling” – which is when they … Continue reading

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And Then There Was One

There was quite a bit of activity at the feeders this afternoon. A lot of the regulars (like these birds below) stopped by for some food. But when they all scattered and scurried away at the same time, it could … Continue reading

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Baby Maybe?

Usually, if I were to tell you that a bird of blue has been busy stuffing its beak with as much food as possible, you would rightfully picture this fellow below. But lately, it’s been my pair of Bluebirds who … Continue reading

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Return of the Handsome Red-Head

My handsome Red-headed Woodpecker has returned. He first showed up four years ago, and I have to say, it was love at first sighting! Now, every time April rolls around, I start watching and waiting and hoping that he will … Continue reading

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Announcement of Availability

I have been enjoying watching the male birds in the backyard announce their availability to the eligible females. Some, like the Cowbirds, perch on a branch and then poof their feathers while loudly serenading their perspective mates. The Red-winged Blackbirds … Continue reading

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Wooing and Pursuing

Mating season is upon us, and the male Bluebird is doing his darndest to capture the attention and win the affection of his female counterpart. His wooing and pursuing have taken the form of striking impressive poses… …poofing his handsome … Continue reading

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Towhee Time

I was so glad I had my camera in hand when this beautiful female Towhee stopped in for a bath. Since they are ground feeders and rarely come up to the deck, I don’t get to take their picture as … Continue reading

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The Peanut Pole (It’s a Popular Place!)

The peanut pole is a recent addition to our backyard bird feeding set-up. It is a rather thick branch that is strapped to the side of the deck rails that has three holes drilled in it (courtesy of hubby) that … Continue reading

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It’s a Labra-ful Life!

Who needs Jimmy Stewart movies when you have two labra-mutts in your life? And I must say, this duo is a constant source of entertainment! Tucker turned two in January (we think) and is fondly referred to as our Beautiful … Continue reading

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