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Foliage of Fall

Sometimes the fall foliage provides a lovely backdrop for bird pictures. Like these golden-green leaves blurring behind a chirpy Carolina Wren… …or the faded dusty-rose dogwood petals behind this Carolina Chickadee. My favorite background is this amber autumn oak-leaf glow … Continue reading

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My Favorite Fall Fidgeter

Yesterday was a perfect picture taking day – cold, slightly overcast, with the leaves still sporting a bit of autumn splash. And much to my delight, my favorite fall fidgeter showed up – the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Like many of my … Continue reading

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More Like His Mama

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak is one of my favorite migrators.  I typically only see them for a few days  each spring and fall, so I  was thrilled when this young male stopped by for a visit. He perched high in the … Continue reading

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All these years we thought the word was “Octoberfest”, but now that we have a Lab we have learned that it’s actually “Octoberfetch!” This morning we took Tucker for a romp at Little River, one of his many happy places, … Continue reading

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This perky pilferer paused in a picture perfect pose to proudly portray his perfectly plump peanut!

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A Tiny Trio

A trio of Nuthatches arrived as soon as I went outside to replenish the peanuts and lather up the branches with some Bark Butter this afternoon. I think they were hoping for some protein since the temperature was dropping and … Continue reading

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A Few More Moments With Majesty

With butterfly season well past its peak, the few stragglers that are remaining have lost a lot of their luster. So, imagine my surprise when I stepped outside to see almost a dozen Monarchs fluttering about the front yard butterfly … Continue reading

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