Bombarded by Beauty

When we behold beauty or experience something that brings us joy, we naturally want to share it with someone else.  There is something in the sharing that makes the pleasure even greater.

I feel that way when I take a picture of one of my backyard birds.  If I can capture its beauty or somehow portray its personality, I simply must share it.  Like this pretty Pine Warbler I photographed this past week.


But here’s the problem – if I were to write a post for every picture that brings me pleasure, your own joy in the experience would surely fail to match my own.  In all likelihood, you would be bored, annoyed, and take a firm oath to never again return to this blog that bombards you with such beauty!

But have no fear – I have thought of a solution.  I created a web gallery of some of my favorite photos – the link is on the side of the blog page.  That way, I am free to shamelessly share pictures without guilt, and you are free to view them (or not) at your leisure.

When you have a chance, scroll through them.  I promise they will make you smile.

2 thoughts on “Bombarded by Beauty

  1. lol Let us share shamelessly together! 😉
    Don’t you just love the warblers?
    Oh by the way, I HAD to try your ‘Peanut Butter on the Tree’ trick… so far, I’ve yet to see anything. :/ Either my peanut butter is faulty or I’m not looking at the right time. haha.

    1. I do love the warblers. Right now they are hard to get pictures of because they have started swarming about, staking out their territory for mating season.
      I buy this concoction called “Bark Butter” from the Wild Bird Store that is part nuts, part suet, and part soy oil…they seem to love it. (I add a little hot sauce to deter the squirrels).
      By the way – you have a gift for taking portraits.
      Also – your post on “For everything there is a season” (not sure if that was the exact title) was a timely word that encouraged me. 🙂

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