My Favorite Kind of Day

My mornings start the same way each day. I wake up…make my way to the coffee pot (mumbling an incoherent “thank you” to whoever invented the automatic timer)…pour myself a mug of Folgers (Dunkin Donuts if I’m splurging)…and then open my Bible to feed my soul.

My favorite kind of day is when I have time to go outside when the sun first appears and take pictures of my backyard birds because this too nourishes my soul.

My absolutely favorite kind of day is when I am able to venture out and hike somewhere beautiful. This is like free therapy! Walking on trails helps put trials in perspective. When I am surrounded by the wonder of creation, I am reminded that there is a wonderful Creator.

I always carry my camera when I hike with the hopes of snapping a few bird pictures. Even on days when the birds prove to be elusive, there is usually no shortage of creatures to capture my attention. This past week I have encountered several cool critters.

Like foxes…



and turtles…


and snakes…


But hey, this is a bird blog, so I’ll close with a couple of dirty ducks!



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Kind of Day

  1. You must live in a beautiful place! Lots of wildlife to enjoy. Love your photos especially the little
    foxes, they are so cute. We use to have gray foxes come at night and I would give them a snack. I haven’t seen them for over a year now, I guess civilization has overtaken their habitat. I think you have a great day to begin your day!

  2. Love reading your blogs Kathy and the photos are so good!! I saw a red fox the other day, but it was running to fast for me to get a picture! Have a great day!

    1. I mostly have birds in my backyard (and those pesky squirrels, of course!) but there are a number of state parks that aren’t too far away where I can go and explore and see some pretty cool creatures.

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