Drenched and Disheveled


Iā€™m not sure where he had been or what he had been doing before he showed up in my backyard this afternoon, but this Blue Jay was in desperate need of a bath. His beak, chest, and feet were caked with dirt.


He chatted at me for a bit, and then must have decided that I was not a major threat because he waded on into the water.


Before long, he threw caution to the wind and gave himself a thorough soaking.


Moments later, a second Blue Jay swooped in and claimed the bathing area for himself.


He splashed about for awhile and then emerged drenched and disheveled but undoubtedly refreshed!



8 thoughts on “Drenched and Disheveled

  1. It must be difficult to keep white feathers clean! Thank goodness for bird baths. These are great shots of the cleaning process.

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