Baby Bluebirds

I felt like a proud parent today.


The first brood of baby bluebirds ventured forth from their nest box and I have been so giddy you would have thought one of my own children had taken their first steps. So bear with me as I bombard you with baby pictures.


The fledglings (that’s what baby birds are called when they leave the nest) spent most of their day with beaks wide open, clamoring for food.



The dad brought one of the youngsters a worm…


…and then scolded him when he dropped it.  Don’t you just love his annoyed expression!


Later, while dad supervised from the perch, the three babies explored the backyard. One found his first worm (though he didn’t quite know what to do with it), one tiptoed into the waterfall, and the other hopped around on the rocks.





When they were done exploring, it was back to begging for more food. The poor dad looks exhausted.




I can’t wait for other birds to bring their babies!

14 thoughts on “Baby Bluebirds

  1. Woinderful photos. The chicks are quite pretty, even without their complete molt to the blue feather stage. I assume they will re-nest for a second brood since it is still early in the spring. Do they continue to use the same box?

  2. Sue – this is the first time they have nested in my yard. I am hoping they will have a second brood and am waiting to see if they use the same box. A second pair of bluebirds built in another box, so hopefully they will be bringing some babies to the feeders soon. They really are pretty, and so much fun to watch.

  3. Our Bluebirds are already starting a second nest in the same bird box. I assume it is the same Bluebirds that just had a brood. I cleaned out the old nest when it was empty. Last year we had two broods in the same box.


  4. Thanks for these great pictures. I’ve been seeing young bluebirds in my backyard, and couldn’t identify what type of bird they were. I got a really good look at one today, and it matches your photos.

  5. All of these are wonderful. I can’t pick a favorite, Kathy. From the ’14 archives, more bluebird babies. Oh, I so love your photos. Thank you again for a great night of drawing and painting. 💜

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