The Dead Limb Diner

Every once in awhile I like to “redeckorate.” Usually this means hanging a new feeder or setting out a different branch for my birds, a place where they can perch and enjoy a bit of bark butter. Yesterday morning I borrowed (okay, ‘confiscated’ or perhaps even ‘stole’ might be a more accurate verb choice) another bungee cord from my hubby and strapped a nice dead limb to the deck rail. Before I had walked five feet away, the birds were already coming to investigate.

This Red-bellied Woodpecker was the first to arrive…

Red-bellied Woodpecker

…followed by an inquisitive Carolina Wren.

Carolina Wren

I’m not sure how word got around (probably one of them “tweeted” it) but before long there was a waiting list to check out the latest culinary hot spot. It was literally like the grand opening of a new restaurant featuring the finest avian cuisine.

American Robin
Carolina Chickadee
Downy Woodpecker (juvenile male)

There were a few, like this Blue Jay, who bypassed the new branch and headed straight for their regular breakfast fare.

Blue Jay

But most of the birds landed on the limb to inspect it. Here are a few more guests who showed up.

Brown-headed Nuthatch
Gray Catbird
Hairy Woodpecker

Oh – and if you find a nice dead branch lying around, do me a favor and save it for me; I might need it the next time I redeckorate.

7 thoughts on “The Dead Limb Diner

  1. I love your limb diner! I see you still have robins. I don’t remember ever seeing a nuthatch at my place, unless they are the ones who hide in the tops of the trees and I can never get a good look at them. Great photos!

  2. Alan – you would LOVE these little nuthatches. I think we get a lot of them because of the abundance of pine trees in the area. They are so social and are comical to watch. I think I will need to make them a “bird of the week” sometime because they really are fascinating little fellows.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    The nuthatches sound like a fun little bird, they are cute. I will be leaving Sunday for a week but will take my laptop. Hope I can keep up with all of the bird postings.


  4. What an amazing variety of birds in your backyard. I’m sure your various backyard bird attractions help. Thanks for all the good ideas!

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