It Takes One To Know One

I spent the last two days “SOARing” (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) at Berry College – the soon to be residence of my seventeen year old daughter. Our time there was a beneficial whirlwind. Along with the hundreds of others that attended, we sat with our mouths open like baby birds, being fed one bite of helpful information after another. By the end, we were grateful for the experience AND grateful that it was over. We are both introverts who can only take so much of a crowd.

I wonder if this female cardinal is a bit of an introvert too. She opted to forego the busy backyard feeders and instead enjoyed a quiet dining experience on the front lawn.



I find her markings and shades of color absolutely beautiful.



She was not at all in a hurry as she hopped about in the grass, searching for food.  Sitting quietly and watching her gave my soul a chance to “not be in a hurry” too.  Yes…I’d say she is definitely an introvert; after all, it takes one to know one.



6 thoughts on “It Takes One To Know One

  1. She is a beautiful bird! I really like those photos. Best wishes for your daughter as she begins her college career. I am in Texas for a week and I miss my wild bird friends.


      1. I have some pictures of Buffalo and Prairie Dogs. I heard the Prairie dogs barking and thought it was some birds only to find a village of Prairie Dogs, cut little guys. Not able to send any pictures as I forgot my photo stuff for my laptop. Still looking for some Birds just not much time to look.


        buffalo and prairie dogs

  2. We don’t have Cardinals where I live Kathy so it’s always a pleasure seeing these birds and she is a fine looking lady indeed, a beautiful set of shots of a wonderful bird.

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