The Local Heron Hangout

Over the last several days I have seen, not one…not two…but three different types of herons hanging about at our neighborhood pond.

First I encountered the Great Blue Heron, a year round resident here in Georgia and the largest of all the herons. I find him to be rather noble looking. I love that he never seems to be in a hurry.



Next came the Green Heron, a bird as entertaining as it is beautiful. The pictures below were taken at dusk, just as the sun was setting. I could sit and watch him for hours.



The third heron I had the pleasure of seeing had me confused at first. When he landed in the tree top, his white feathers glowing in the sun, I was sure he was some sort of egret.


After perching in the leafy branches for several minutes, he flew down and meandered along the bank of the pond.


Then he waded into the water and slowly, methodically searched for food.



Every once in awhile he would quickly stab at the water – sometimes emerging with a wet leaf; other times snaring a small fish in his bill.


It wasn’t until I got home and pulled out my handy dandy Stokes Field Guide that I realized that this fellow was an immature Little Blue Heron. You can tell he is not an egret because of his two-toned gray and black bill and his goldish legs.


I also had another delightful visit with a Belted Kingfisher, but I’ll save that for another post.


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  1. It has been a fun week for bird photography. I have enjoyed venturing beyond my backyard and seeing birds that are out of the ordinary for me. 🙂

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