6 thoughts on “Another Backyard Bird Watcher

  1. Cats and hawks are on the prowl now that rodents are hibernating. Predators after birds! If is not your pet, please shoo it away! Thanks! 🙂

  2. I love cats and that is a pretty one. Must be a neighbor’s cat, looks well taken care of. I love them but, I don’t like them eating my bird friends. Doesn’t bother me so much when I see a hawk grab one but it does with cats! We had a rash of feral cats a few years ago and it got very bad. Most were mean, nasty, toms, and a few wild females. One of the females had three kittens, cute as could be. We finally got the mother and her kittens trapped and my neighbor took them to her vet. The vet said they were all full of worms and who knows what else. They received their shots and are living in a colony. You still can’t get too close and they are still wild. My good neighbor, the cat lady, has a nice vet and they had them placed in a feral cat colony. They were living off of lizards, rats, our food, and what birds they could catch. One day I saw one under my bird bath reach up a gobble up little chipping sparrow, that was the last straw. Glad you have a lab, that should discourage the cat. Feral cats live a terrible life.

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