Creatures of the Morning

I am a morning person. I say this offering a slight apology, knowing that those of us who are at our perkiest prior to sunrise can be a bit irritating to those who reach their peak a wee bit later.

Still, there is something beautiful – glorious – even magical – that takes place as the darkness dissolves and the sunlight comes creeping in, filling up the nooks and crannies of the waking world.  Sorry, that sounded a bit like an english muffin commercial!

Well, it appears my backyard birds are morning creatures too. They have gotten use to me starting their day with fresh food and water, and even seem to be awaiting my arrival.  I wonder if they anticipate the water being poured into their drinking dishes as eagerly as I do my first cup of coffee.  Afterall, “the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”…thought I might as well sound like a coffee commercial while I was at it!

In the pictures below, I love how the morning light shines through the bird’s beaks as they get their first drink of the day.






2 thoughts on “Creatures of the Morning

  1. Nice pictures Kathy! Your birds look Grrrrreat! Do I sound like a cereal commercial? I’m sorry! 🙂

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