Not in the Mood for Feathered Food.

We had family visiting this weekend from Tennessee, and in between a heated game of     “3-13” and a rematch of “Wits and Wagers” we looked out the window and saw a Hawk perched in a nearby tree. I quickly called a time-out, grabbed my camera, and headed outside to fire off a few shots.


The Hawk (perhaps the same one that was in my previous post) was actively looking about for his next meal and did not seem the least bit concerned by my presence, as I maneuvered around trying to find a clear enough view to get a good picture.



He must not have been in the mood for feathered food, as there were plenty of oblivious birds in the area that would have made easy prey – like this Eastern Towhee who was hopping about just below him.


Perhaps he had a hankering for a more meaty meal, like one of the thieving squirrels that scamper about in the backyard gobbling up the seed that is not intended for their consumption.  I would definitely be rooting for the Hawk in this case!

At any rate, I didn’t want to cause too long of a game delay, so after I had taken several pictures, I had my husband knock on the window to startle him a bit. Then I took one last shot as he flew off…but I have a feeling that he won’t be gone for long.