Cold Weather Wimps

I have become a cold weather wimp.  Oh, I used to live in the land of snow plows and salt trucks, but since moving to “Hotlanta” two decades ago, I have become positively allergic to below freezing temperatures!  Still, when white flakes start falling from the sky, turning the world into a Narnian wonderland, it’s hard not to feel like a kid again.

Yesterday afternoon, our second snowfall of the week passed through the area.  A big enough event to warrant an official name – Winter Storm Remus.  As the birds flocked to the feeders, I grabbed my camera and headed out to the deck.

Some of the birds stood, looking rather pensive as they were bombarded by snowflakes.  I wish I could tell what they were thinking.



Others started gobbling up seed, as if their instincts told them they had better eat while they could.


This Northern Mockingbird was comical to watch.  He became quite territorial, diligently guarding this branch that had Bark Butter spread on the back side.  None of the other birds seemed all that concerned since there are about seven other logs and branches with the same spread.


The Yellow-rumped Warblers, which had been swooping about and chasing one another earlier, called a temporary truce and shared a feeding station.


By morning, the snow had stopped and I awoke to find the birds waiting for a refill.  “Butter-butts” were everywhere. I took about a hundred pictures of them, but I’ll only include one…okay, two…



I wiped the snow off the deck rail, then put out some fresh seed and spread more Bark Butter on the branches.  The birds were eating before I could even finish filling the feeders.


cardinal2Blue Jays arrived, one after another after another, each landing just long enough to strike a peanut pose.  I’ll show you what I mean…







I loved being able to get out and take pictures in the snow, but I’m not sure the birds shared my enthusiasm.  Perhaps this Bluebird’s expression tells what he really thinks of this winter weather.  I’m pretty sure he must be a cold weather wimp like me!


13 thoughts on “Cold Weather Wimps

  1. Dang girl, awesome (as usual) shots. You should send some to Birds and Blooms. Yours are as good or better than any I see in there.

  2. I am definitely a cold-weather wimp. Amazing shots as always! I love seeing the birds in the snow. Wishing you and your family a great weekend ahead 🙂

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