Early Summer Swallowtails

I walked outside this afternoon and saw two Tiger Swallowtails fluttering around the Butterfly Bush, which I took as a clear sign that I should get my camera and take a photography break.

The male, seen below, did not seem to appreciate my presence and flew off after a few moments.  In this type of butterfly, the males are not as colorful as the females.

tigerswallowtail1 tigerswallowtail2

The female (notice her bright blues and oranges) was content to linger, sipping nectar from the blossoms on the bush, and I was content to follow her about snapping pictures.

tigerswallowtail3 tigerswallowtail4

Here are a few “profile” shots that give a good view of the underside of her wings.  I also like that you can see all three pair of her legs, her antennae, and her proboscis – a little creepy looking, but oh so cool!

tigerswallowtail7 tigerswallowtail5 tigerswallowtail6

These last two shots are with the sun behind her, illuminating her wings.  I find her to be absolutely stunning!

tigerswallowtail9 tigerswallowtail8

Hope you don’t mind that summer will likely abound with butterfly posts!

24 thoughts on “Early Summer Swallowtails

  1. WOWZA! These photos are stunning!! 🌟🌈✨. Love the side views and learning the difference between male and female – interesting that the females are the beautiful ones whereas males are often the colorful ones with birds. 😍 Love butterflies! And dragonflies! 💚 I had a big bright green dragonfly land on me at the lake today! Can’t wait to draw it! 😄

    1. I hope I can get some dragonfly pictures too! Haven’t had too many of those in the yard yet…might need to go hike along the Chattahoochee. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness how could we ever mind? So beautiful, and captured as only Kathy can. Stunning. And with World Watercolor Month coming in July……..maybe my goal should be that I could do one of these some kind of justice by the end of the month. Not that it’s likely to happen, but a girl can dream! Wonderful work, Kathy. 💜

    1. My birds are in a bit of a summer lull til the next baby broods come, and the butterflies are so alluring that I have been heading to thr frontyard more than the backyard.

  3. woow!!! This photos are really wonderful Kathy 💕Can’t wait to paint it 😍

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