A Heron At The Hooch

It had been way too long since I’d taken my camera and strolled along the Chattahoochee River, so this morning I decided to remedy that!

As I was walking,  I had the pleasure of seeing a Great Blue Heron who seemed in no particular hurry to get his day started.

He looked rather pensive as he stared out over the river in his one-legged pose, the morning sun dancing on the water.


He did a bit of personal preening…

heron3 heron4

…and then started what must be his morning yoga routine.  I’m pretty sure I tried this same pose once in Wii fitness, but I’m equally sure that I looked far less graceful!


Next he did his best impersonation of a matador – at least that’s how it looked to me – and finished the performance looking quite pleased with himself.

heron6 heron7

Finally, he returned to his leisurely river watching stance. I think there is something to be said for his unhurried pace.


As I turned to leave, a second Heron flew from around the bend, and allowed me to fire off a few Canon clicks before he disappeared out of sight.


Any day with a visit to the Chattahoochee is a good day. 🙂


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Wife, mother, daughter, and friend. One who dabbles in writing, thinks in rhyme, and is utterly unable to escape the allure of alliteration:) Amateur nature photographer. A backyard bird watcher, a hiker of non-strenuous trails to waterfalls, and a fan of Atlanta sports teams. Driver of an orange Jeep Renegade who goes by the name of Earl. One who is nourished by silence, solitude, and a good cup of coffee. A lover of God’s Word and the riches that are hidden there. An extremely ordinary jar of clay who longs to see and be satisfied by the glory of God, and to somehow display that in my everyday life.
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12 Responses to A Heron At The Hooch

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Use to love spotting Herons around the area in this small town/village in b.c. I use to live in 🙂

  2. Susan Feniak says:

    A pleasurable sight indeed!!

  3. Jodi says:

    Awesome Kathy!!! Great shots and how wonderful to see.

  4. Jill Kuhn says:

    Love your humor about the yoga poses! Hehe! 😊 What amazing shots you got! ❤️ Did you see any dragonflies?

  5. Omg I’ve done some of those poses lol! Wow, so so beautiful, Kathy. You are blessed and by extension, so are we, with your lovely images. I may start sketching your birds every day in my sketchbook just to make sure I draw something every day (some days, I forget). They always inspire me to pick up a pencil. I know I sound like a broken record, but thanks so much!

  6. I do agree, the GBH can really do some fancy yoga, so gracefully! Great shots!

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