Go Set A Watchman

While out taking Fritillary photos yesterday, I saw this young male hummingbird diligently guarding his territory.  His vigilant stance reminded me of the title of Harper Lee’s novel, Go Set a Watchman – a book that is still on my “want to read someday” list.

hummer1 hummer3

He wasn’t perched there for long, as these days the front yard is filled with rivals that must be fended off.


As soon as he saw another hummer heading for the nectar, this battle ready fellow took off to engage in an all out aerial attack.

hummer5 hummer6

I wish these birds would offer one another a bit more southern hospitality, but I have to admit, their aggressiveness is indeed entertaining!

And just out of curiosity, did anyone happen to read Miss Lee’s book?

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15 Responses to Go Set A Watchman

  1. Wonderful shots of this beautiful little bird.

  2. Jodi says:

    As I mentioned my hummers are acting the same way. So funny. I keep telling them to be nice! Lol. I have not read the book. Is it good?

  3. aussiebirder says:

    I do love your hummingbirds, and these shots are really really good Kathy, and colour and blur of background is perfect for the photos.

  4. Jill Kuhn says:

    It looks like you caught your hummer winking at you in the third photo with its beak open. 😉 I haven’t read the book. Hummingbirds are my favorite! Thanks for sharing your photos today, Kathy! 💕😄

  5. Snehal Kank says:

    Beautifully captured Kathy!

  6. I have read her book and I thought it was excellent. It’s quite different from Mockingbird, but very moving. These little watchmen are gorgeous

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