A Cardinal Sin

One of my blogging buddies, Michael over at A Certain Line, has an affinity for Cardinals; so when I saw these beauties while sorting through recent photos, it seemed a cardinal sin not to share them!

The males, in all their magnificence, are absolutely stunning these days. Seems like they alternate between trying to look ferocious and trying to look flirtatious.  One minute they are dive-bombing each other, boldly proclaiming their territory; the next minute they’ve gone all Prince Charming, determined to woo the ladies.

cardinal1 cardinal2 cardinal3

The females have been showing up too, and so far they seem less than impressed with the fellows!

cardinal4 cardinal5

Hmm…five pictures just won’t do…some residual Catholicism from my youth compels me to add two more.  There simply has to be seven pictures in a post entitled “A Cardinal Sin”!

cardinal6 cardinal7

Now, with their beautiful appearance, it’s understandable that these birds might battle a bit of arrogance (pretty sure pride is first on the list) but I hereby absolve them of all guilt from vain-glory as they make my world a more glorious place!

9 thoughts on “A Cardinal Sin

  1. As usual just lovely 😍 I’m planning to paint 50 birds in 2017, these beauties are on my list 🎨 Thanks so much Kathy for sharing with us 💕

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