Long Creek Falls (Adventures with Earl)

Today was the day that Earl (my new Jeep Renegade) got his first taste of mud!
My husband, daughter and I got up this morning and ventured out to the North Georgia mountains in search of Long Creek Falls.

The air was downright chilly as we began the hike along a portion of trail where the Appalachian Trail and the Benton MacKaye Trail are merged.  The path follows closely beside Long Creek, so we were serenaded by the sweet sound of gurgling water as we walked.


About a mile later, tucked away down a side trail, we were rewarded with the beautiful Long Creek Falls.  Even at less than full force (we are still recovering from the drought) the falls was majestic.


Long Creek Falls is one of my favorite kinds of falls – cascading about fifty feet over a rock face into a pool surrounded by boulders and trees.  It’s the kind of waterfall that you can reach out and touch.  I’m not as wild about the ones that are really high and skinny that you can only view from a distance.


We were happy (any hike that ends at a waterfall is a good hike!) and so was Earl – who figures that a dirt splattered appearance is always in fashion!




20 thoughts on “Long Creek Falls (Adventures with Earl)

  1. Beautiful waterfall! Handsome family & Earl! I just thought I’d report on the busy morning in my yard. The first bird I saw was the pileated woodpecker through my bedroom window on a locust tree trunk across the drive in my neighbor’s yard. The windows were down so I didn’t hear it but saw it fly there. Then I got up & went out with dog to get the paper & heard a wren singing its head off in the hemlock & an answering call from another tree nearby, as if it was April. Then I noticed the air a-flutter with twittering, rustling & wings. A huge flock of robins had descended on our place & the sunrise was alive with them. Rest stop on their trip South? Back up on the porch I saw a downy woodpecker fly into the apple tree & move up & down, working its branches. I watched till it flew off off to join robins in the oak. Getting cold, I left the birds to their garden party & went indoors to make tea. Then I came in my studio to sip my tea & check my inbox, & something hit the glass door with a light thud. My snoozing dog jerked his head up to see who was there & we both saw the little downy fly off across the porch & over to a limb of my neighbor’s old walnut tree. I watched it cling there for long minutes, moving its head a bit & recovering itself. I went back to my tea & mail & when I looked again five minutes later it was gone. Recovered I hope, without too bad a headache. I hate it when our little flying neighbors crash into our windows & doors. Fortunately I don’t see them do it very often. I have buried one or two poor things that died & helped stunned ones to safe places to recover. I’m glad the little downy flew off on its own. What a busy backyard bird late December morning in Asheville, NC!

    1. I love the way you write. 🙂
      Your words have a European flair, and yet your comment says you reside in Asheville.
      At any rate, thanks for painting the picture for me of what has been transpiring with the birds in your yard. I am jealous about the pileated!
      And just out of curiosity, what creativity takes place in the studio?

      1. Thank you for the compliment, Kathy. I was a French major & studied at the Sorbonne so of course I read a lot of French & European literature, but I am pure old Central Kentucky born & raised. I did work for newspapers as a features reporter & wrote & illustrated nature columns for papers in Florida & magazines here in N.C.(before blogs). I am an artist, a painter in the Americana style but I like to sketch nature, wildlife & animals. I work part time at AMOS, the Asheville Museum of Science. If you are ever up here on a weekend, come in & say hello. I enjoy your blog so much & your beautiful & amazing photography. I used to follow a blog about birds & wildlife in central South Carolina, “Hilton Pond”. I haven’t received that in my inbox for several years. Do you know that one? It had marvelous photography too. I see the pileateds often as we live at the foot of still partially wooded mountain in an old neighborhood with large trees near downtown & so I am very lucky they are noisy colorful backyard drop-ins. Beautiful day today here, but the robins have moved on. Perhaps they are in your backyard today! Happy New Year birding & adventuring in Earl! ~Judith in Asheville~

  2. Nice to see you and your family, looking well and happy. Earl is an elegant adventurer! Such falls are called bridal veil falls and I like this kind too! 😎🎈👌

  3. I love waterfalls! They are scarce in New Mexico and not usually as dramatic. And I love Jeeps! I got a new Jeep Wrangler last fall and love taking it off road! You’ll definitely enjoy your many adventures with Earl!

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