Manly Yes, But She Likes It Too

The male Red-bellied Woodpecker that hangs about my backyard is addicted to Bark Butter.  He is probably the most frequent feeder on this delicacy.

malered-bellied1 malered-bellied2

Occasionally (and can’t we all relate!) he gets this peanut butter-like spread stuck on the roof of his mouth and needs to use his tongue to scrape it off.


And without fail, right before he flies off, he shovels a heaping helping into his beak to enjoy at another location.  I guess he likes the dine-in/carryout combo!


Now although this food is a favorite of the male, the sweet female also finds it quite appetizing.

femalered-bellied5 femalered-bellied6

Reminds me of the old Irish Spring commercial.  Can’t you almost hear her saying, “Manly, yes – But I like it too!”

13 thoughts on “Manly Yes, But She Likes It Too

  1. Interesting observation, Kathy. The southern look-alike (and probably close relative) Golden-fronted Woodpecker is a peanut butter-suet fan too, and is aggressive enough to maintain control of its distribution quite well. What do you know, I found a paper showing hybridization of these two species where their ranges overlap in Oklahoma or eastern Texas. So they really are close relatives.

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