I Missed The Memo

Somehow, I seem to have missed the memo.  I’m blaming it on my calendar though – and yes – don’t judge – but I’m still the sort that has a calendar hanging on my wall – I’ve told you before – I’m addicted to paper products!  Anyway, my calendar informed me of New Year’s Day, and made sure I was aware of Martin Luther King, Jr Day, and even went so far as to notify me when it was Stephen Foster Memorial Day…but it neglected to tell me that this month held National Chickadee Bathing Day!

One one side of the deck, this little fellow showed up and began sipping…


…which quickly turned to dipping…


…and then changed to all out drenching and dripping!

chickadee3 chickadee4

Meanwhile, in a water dish on the opposite end of the deck, another mad splasher was busy making waves.

chickadee5 chickadee6 chickadee7

In the midst of their bathing, they must have heard the dinner bell sound (or else didn’t want to be someone else’s dinner!) because, without warning, they flew off in a drippy blur.


And I wonder why my water dishes always seem to need refilling!


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  1. Wow those are really cute moments you’ve captured Kathy 😍 seeing them having bath reminds me of summer 💜

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