Other Things With Wings

My backyard is clearly a hit with the birds, but my  flower-filled front yard is a hot spot for other things with wings – like this Black Swallowtail that was flitting about the other day.

He was one of those incessant wing flappers, so getting an unblurry picture was a a bit of a challenge.

While I waited for him to land and be still for a second (or even a half second!) a handful of other butterflies fluttered by, one of which was a dark morph version of a Tiger Swallowtail  – a butterfly that sometimes gets confused with the Black Swallowtail.

A yellow Tiger Swallowtail also made an appearance…

as did an Unclouded Sulphur…

a Silver Spotted Skipper…

and the elegantly peculiar Gulf Fritillary.

The beauty of butterflies is one of my favorite things about summer.



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  1. Hello Kathy! I’m going to do a post soon on colour matching and I wanted to ask your permission to use your top photo of the black swallowtail? I’d attribute to Kathy Doremus and link back to your post and also your blog home. Would that be ok?

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