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Lovely Lady with a Band of Blue

A couple of female Tiger Swallowtails have been hovering about sampling nectar front the front yard flowers. The first lovely lady showed up early in the afternoon, with just a small nip missing from her left “tail.”  She spent most … Continue reading

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The Flavor He Favors

I saw my first Gulf Fritillary of the season today. As I watched him sampling nectar from the Zinnias, he seemed to show a preference for the bright yellow ones and I thought to myself, “If I gave this fellow … Continue reading

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The Simple Joys of Summer

Bumble Bees And Butterflies Hummingbirds And Dragonflies Vibrant colors Soaring Hawks Curling tongues And “tuckered” dogs The simple joys that summer brings Beautiful blossoms and lovely wings

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Far too Flitty to Focus

While I was outside, snapping a few pictures of flowers between showers… this Hummingbird Moth showed up. These are extremely cool creatures, that have a bee like body with hummingbird mannerisms. They are far too flitty to get in clear … Continue reading

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Nothing Says Summer Like Sunflowers!

Summer and Sunflowers go hand in hand, so on this day where (here in the U.S.) we welcome the start of the season, a post featuring these flowers seemed the perfect fit. My front yard looks so cheerful right now, … Continue reading

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You Can Call Me Flower If You Want To

Yesterday was a dreary, drizzly kind of day, but in the late afternoon the clouds parted and the sun popped out in all its brilliance.  This pinkish-purple Peony looked so vibrant, still dripping with raindrops, that I had to grab … Continue reading

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Back to the Gardens

I took another trip to Gibbs Gardens yesterday – I figured since I bought the four season pass I might as well get my money’s worth.  Besides, it is a great place to grab a little soul nourishment. On my first … Continue reading

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