Making Muddy Memories

My daughter and I have established a bit of a tradition.  Twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring – we spend a weekend together hiking, eating, laughing, and sharing our dreams…and did I mention eating?  What has also become a part of the tradition is the inclement weather that tends to accompany these outings.

This past weekend was our fifth such get away, and once again, the weather was cold and rainy.  (That makes four out of five times that we have either had rain or sleet!)  Now, you would think that this might put a damper on the hiking, but we have come to take a kind of perverse pride in being the only lunatics on the trail.  We will often turn to each other with silly grins and say, “Where is everyone?”

Needless to say, I didn’t get to take my camera out much.  I did snap a few photos of Possum Trot Church –  a structure that was built in the 1850’s and lies tucked away down a dirt road in a remote part of the mountain campus of Berry College.  The founder of the college, Martha Berry, taught Sunday school there, and later acquired the building and added classrooms.  It is called the “cradle of the college” as this is where her passion for education was birthed.

I love the old wood and the feel of history that permeates the place; it feels haunted in the best possible way!

I didn’t get any horse pictures this time as the road to the pastures was gated off, but I did stop by the lake and visit the ever-present swam.

There were also plenty of deer about that were willing to pose in the drizzle.  There were several young bucks…

…and lots of lovely does.

While the weather wasn’t great for picture taking, I have to say, it was ideal for memory making.  I have no doubt that these mud-filled memories will be ones that I treasure for a lifetime.

17 thoughts on “Making Muddy Memories

  1. So wonderful you get to enjoy this time with your daughter, Kathy! ❤️ I love your photos of the old school house – I agree with you, the old wood is beautiful! And nice that the swans and deer were willing to “strike a pose!” 😊

  2. Love that Possum Trot Church (name and all) – so rustic and beautiful. Also, your photo of swans are lovely. Do you mind if I use it as a reference photo to try and paint?

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