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The Colourful Feathers of Fall

Over the weekend, I ventured down into the backyard to see what kind of activity was happening on the land level.  The birds that showed up all seemed to be feathered in the colours of fall. Now, before going on, … Continue reading

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First Signs of Fall

In my backyard, one of the first signs of fall is the return of the Pine Warblers to the feeders. The color tones of these birds (especially the males) is a perfect match for the golden leaves of autumn. It’s … Continue reading

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The Drizzle Hasn’t Dampened Their Appetites

The more-than-a-month long drought that has lingered in the Atlanta area has finally departed; replaced by a delightful drizzle (you won’t hear me say that often!) and occasional downpours.  The damp weather seems to have whet the appetites (pun intended) … Continue reading

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Striking A Pensive Pose

This male House Finch perched on the branch and struck a rather pensive pose.  He is a handsome fellow. 🙂

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Panda Bird

My backyard is abounding with Chickadees these days. To be sure, they come for the food, but they have been especially active at the water dishes. With the weather getting just a bit brisker, these little black and white beauties … Continue reading

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Come Thou Fount

I love the depth and the richness that many of the old hymns have.  One of my favorites is Come Thou Fount – probably because I can relate to the “prone to wander” part! As I sat outside with my … Continue reading

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The Flashiest And The Splashiest

The male Cardinal is one striking bird.  If you asked him to choose a song to be his personal anthem, he’d probably pick “I’m sexy and I know it!” While this scarlet feathered fellow is indeed the flashiest, his female … Continue reading

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