A Sunny Sunday Soaking

Hubby and I took advantage of the first pretty-weathered weekend we’ve had in quite some time.  We purchased and planted some flowers and refreshed the front yard bird bath.  Now, please know, when I say “we” I’m using the term loosely – he did all the labor while I admired his handiwork and offered my less-than-expert opinions.

This Mockingbird was thrilled with the fresh water and wasted no time helping himself to a dip.

Once his feathers were drenched and dripping…

…he flew off to torment the Chickadees that are busy building in one of the nesting boxes.

I think he thoroughly enjoyed his sunny Sunday soaking!

2 thoughts on “A Sunny Sunday Soaking

  1. I love watching birds in a birdbath. They spray water all over the place, but clearly they enjoy that water. I’ve seen large puddles in the street and birds will delight in having a bath in the street in a mud puddle … hmm, doesn’t that make you dirty?

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