Beautiful Bandits Of Blue

The Blue Jays that seemed scarce at our feeders during the winter months have returned in full force, filling my backyard with raucous squawks as they greedily gobble up the peanut supply.

These beautiful blue bandits are a delight to watch as they pop in and pilfer peanut…

…after peanut…

after peanut!

Bold, brash, and a bit demanding, these birds are a delight to watch, although I am pretty sure they are keeping an eye on me as well.

Occasionally, they take a water break…

…but then it’s back to the peanut popping.

With their brilliant blues, their intricate patterns, and their lively personalities,  Blue Jays are always one of my favorite birds to photograph.

I hope they stick around all summer, gobbling up peanuts and striking handsome poses.

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Bandits Of Blue

  1. As I have said previously ‘I love your photos of one of my favourite US birds’ Thanks again for these beautiful pics Kathie

  2. Benjamin and I are loving your Blue Jay’s peanut filching photos. We have been putting peanuts on a huge tree stump for the chipmunks and squirrels, so that Benjamin could watch them. The past two days, we watched a Blue Jay flying back and forth taking all of the peanuts. Benjamin is positively enchanted by each of these photos when enlarged. He is all about the details; fluffy feathers, the feet, the beaks, the eyes and the coloration of each bird. Thank-you x 2!!

  3. I really like Blue Jays and Cardinals – always my favorite birds. All your shots were great (making use of your new lens I see) and how did you manage to get that peanut flipping in mid air in that beautiful Jay’s mouth? (second from the bottom)

    1. Wish I could say the peanut popping shot was due to great skill and expertise, but it was really just a fortuitous press of the shutter!

      1. Those are the best kind sometimes. 🙂 Don’t you just smile when you get your pictures uploaded and find some little treasure in those pictures you didn’t see when you took the picture?

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