Makin’ A Splash – Fur and Feathers

We took Tucker for a river romp this morning.  This guy sure loves a good splash!

The river (or a lake…or a fountain…or a puddle) is his happy place.

And it’s easy to make friends when you bring toys.  I had to laugh at this picture because my hubby has always been the Dad that all the neighborhood kids wanted to play with. I guess some things never change!

But Tucker isn’t the only one who enjoys getting wet and making waves.  This Brown Thrasher took advantage of the recently filled birdbath to freshen up his feathers, which – if they are like everything else in Georgia – were probably coated with pollen.

He started off on the calm side…

…but then (as Emeril Lagasse would say) he took it up “another notch!”

He stayed for quite awhile, soaking and splashing and giving any other bird that came close an open-beaked, only room for one, type expression.

I guess sunshine and water is a winning combination for fur…

…and for feathers!

It’s good to be a Lab-loving Birdnerd!

12 thoughts on “Makin’ A Splash – Fur and Feathers

  1. Great post Kathy – not only the pictures but the narrative as well. Envious of your warmth and sun (though not the pollen as I have Spring allergies, despite being an immunotherapy for decades for hayfever, pollen, etc.) We’ve had a rainy weekend, 3 inches of rain in less than 36 hours and 3 thunderstorms to boot. Mother’s Day will be soggy as well – maybe next weekend will be better.

  2. Tucker has matured beautifully Kathy. What a handsome guy! And that brown thrasher was a real treat to watch. I think Scarlett and Tucker would be great friends as they seem to love water similarly.

  3. Loved the photo of your hubby with all the other dogs! Make me laugh! 😄
    And great photos of the bird splashing around and enjoying the sunshine!! 👍

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