A Juvie Jungle Gym

McDonald’s has a play area for the little ones.
And Chick-fil-A has a play area for the little ones.
And apparently so does my backyard bird buffet!

One of the Mama White-breasted Nuthatches (I’m saying Mama, but it could be a Daddy) has been bringing her crew of youngsters to the backyard lately.

And while she eats and drinks…

…they have fun exploring the Bark Butter branches that are strapped to the deck.  I’m pretty sure it’s a bit like a Jungle Gym to them.

Occasionally they puff up their feathers to try and get Mom’s attention…

….or give her a loud squawk…

…but mostly they just hang around.

If you just saw the pictures it would be hard to tell that they are juveniles, but if you watch their antics there is little doubt!

Not only are they having fun climbing about, they are also discovering that they can grab some food all by themselves.

Of course, their Brown-headed cousins want in on the action too!

With their curious nature and their cheerful chirping, Nuthatches are always fun to have around!


12 thoughts on “A Juvie Jungle Gym

  1. Great photos Kathy – you are making good use of your new lens. My favorite was the one hanging upside down (look at me Mom!) and doesn’t that last photo remind you of the “Mad Bluebird” that went like wildfire around the internet a few years ago?

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