Age of Discovery

Just like it is with humans, toddler-hood is an age of discovery for birds.
This morning, a young Mockingbird ventured forth without Mom and Dad’s presence (and I think without their permission!) and landed on the Bark Butter Branch.

He then proceeded to loudly cry out, announcing his discovery and watching for his parents to join him.

When Mom showed up, she clearly wasn’t quite ready for such independence and sent this inquisitive hooligan to the safety of the shrubs while she gathered some breakfast. (FYI – I used the “inquisitive hooligan” description because that’s what my daughter’s friend group called themselves in college!)

Surprisingly, little Junior complied with the relocation command…

…and then flew off to follow Mom (and her beak-full of Bark Butter) to the front yard.

Meanwhile, another youngster (who also arrived without parental supervision) perched on a branch in the middle of the yard and curiously surveyed the fountain below.

Toddler-hood is definitely an age of discovery!

13 thoughts on “Age of Discovery

  1. Kathy – I really like your descriptions and how you can tell the youngsters ventured out, ready to take on the world, until Mom intervenes and sends them scrambling back to the nest, (or at least where she can watch them). What a delightful vantage point you have to watch these beautiful backyard birds.

      1. It sure is – I’ve followed three sets of robins and nests. The second set, the chicks have just fledged and one was sitting on a chain-link fence this morning – we had a five-minute “conversation” and he was not in the least bit afraid of me and Mama was nowhere in sight. So that will be tomorrow’s blog post. This little guy had a stubby little tail – very sweet. It is a fun time to appreciate nature.

  2. how wonderful! I have been watching a young Robin and mother- the mom keeps getting worms and bringing them up to the baby who sits on a branch waiting… so sweet to watch

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