Han, the One-legged Wonder

One of the Robins that has been frequenting the backyard feeders is missing a leg – or at least part of one – but it doesn’t seem to slow him down in the least.

I call him Han…after Han Solo…because, well, solo meaning one…anyway…you get it…

Han, in typical brash Robin style, often lands on a peak perch and announces that it is his turn to partake of the Bark Butter.

He relies on a good bit of wing flapping to help him stay balanced when he is eating or drinking.

It really is rather fascinating to watch him.

I love how this fellow bravely refuses to be limited by his limitation!  That sounds like a true Jedi knight to me!


15 thoughts on “Han, the One-legged Wonder

  1. We read the post and Benjamin wanted each photo enlarged, then he carefully inspected each one and finally asked : “Does Han the Robin’s ouchie hurt?” I told him that it doesn’t appear to bother Han at all. To which Benjamin smiled and said : “Oh good, his Mommy kissed it all better!” I have never seen a one-legged bird, amazing photos. Han has adapted well to injury or a birth defect. Thank-you x 2!!

  2. That’s amazing – when we snuck a peek at his underarms, I never realized the red feathers from the red breast extends so far up as under his wings.

  3. Birds are amazing, aren’t they? These are super pictures. There was a cardinal with one leg at my place for a couple of years, he did very well taking care of himself. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

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