Suspicion Confirmed

The last time I posted pictures of this juvenile Jay, he had followed his Mama to the feeders and was begging for food.  But I suspected that it wouldn’t be long before he was venturing out on his own.

Well…suspicion confirmed!  He has now started showing up with no parental supervision.

He has visited (and enjoyed!) the Bark Butter Branch…

…and partaken of plenty of peanuts! It’s fun to watch him learn to pack his pouch.

I have to admit, he is a bit of a cutie!

Pretty soon, he will be sporting the bolder blues of the adult birds, but for now, I’ll just enjoy his fluffy feathers.

6 thoughts on “Suspicion Confirmed

  1. What a cutie…that last photo you captured is adorable. Hugs and thank you for sharing this little guy.

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