A Monday Morning Muskrat

I took a walk along the Chattahoochee River this morning, with the hopes of distracting my brain from thinking about the puppy that I saw on a rescue site over the weekend. Why can I not stay off these sites?!?!

I was standing on the riverbank, looking for a duck or a heron that wanted to pose, when along came this muskrat.

He swam by and then disappeared under the water.  A little farther down the trail, I saw that he had re-emerged on a rock in the middle of the river (a bit too far away to get a clear shot) and was happily munching some grass.

He made quick work of that clump, then headed back into the water to retrieve some more.

Muskrats (and beavers too) are rodents, though I find them less offensive then squirrels and rats – perhaps because they aren’t eating my birdseed!

I guess you never know what will show up on a river outing…and now…back to thinking about that puppy!

5 thoughts on “A Monday Morning Muskrat

  1. I see the muskrats at the Park where I walk too – I am okay with them, as long as I don’t see their long rat-like tail streaming out behind them … then I think they are like a rat. There was a guy who owned a catering service near where I live and for years he sold muskrat dinners. He could not keep up with the demand. No, I never tried muskrat.

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