Who Gets The Glare?

This male Red-bellied Woodpecker landed on the Bark Butter branch this afternoon…

…but before he could really start enjoying his meal, he turned around and gave an open-beaked glare to a feathered foe that he clearly didn’t want around.

It wasn’t the Blue Jay who was the target of his wrath. This guy is a regular who routinely stops in in for his usual supply of peanuts.

And it wasn’t the Brown Thrasher, who is looking less than stellar as he undergoes his summer molt, but who also popped in for a Planters or two.

The recipient of his angry glare was this gleaming Grackle, who despite looking like he just stepped out of a poem by Poe, is really more skittish than scary.

Once the Red-bellied realized that, like the others, the Grackle had his eye on a nutty snack and not the Bark Butter, he relaxed and a tentative truce was called.

Never a dull moment at the backyard buffet!


14 thoughts on “Who Gets The Glare?

  1. Nice shots Kathy! I’ve noticed that your birds started molting, my birds too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It has been so hot in my backyard that I havenโ€™t seen too many birds lately, except Quail. I saw a few medium size babies on the fence the other day with their mom and pop… so cute! Your photos are wonderful as always, Kathy! โค๏ธ

  3. Kathy – not only are your pictures a delight to look at, but the narrative is just as enjoyable. You really can read those birds’ minds and understand their antics if you spent enough time watching them. As long as everyone gets their fair share and no one steps on the other’s toes, it is indeed a truce. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Aww, I love this! I miss my birds. I had to take down my suet because we had a bear rambling through our town last month. (Yes, I said ‘town.’ lol)

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