More Like His Mama

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak is one of my favorite migrators.  I typically only see them for a few days  each spring and fall, so I  was thrilled when this young male stopped by for a visit.

He perched high in the tree tops, enjoying the remnants of a dogwood berry.

Right now, he looks more like his Mama, as you can tell from the photo of a female below…

…but before long he will be the spitting image of his Dad, boasting the bold red, black and white as this guy.

You can already see a hint of his rose breast emerging.

I kept hoping he would come closer, but he seemed content with the place he had chosen to perch.

Ah well, even though he kept his distance, it was still nice to enjoy his company and admire his beauty.


16 thoughts on “More Like His Mama

  1. Great shots Kathy! A few years back I had one in my backyard and I didn’t have a chance to photograph him. Chucks! 🙂

  2. What a beauty he is!! Wow!! Love the touch of red on his breast and the patterns of his feathers. I think Grosbeaks are one of the most beautiful birds! ❤️ Thanks Kathy for sharing your talents!

  3. Amazing photos. The Grosbeaks are to me the most interesting and one of my favorites of all birds. What beautiful birds they are. Thank you so much for sharing these photos I have not seen any Grosbeaks this year.

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