All these years we thought the word was “Octoberfest”, but now that we have a Lab we have learned that it’s actually “Octoberfetch!”

This morning we took Tucker for a romp at Little River, one of his many happy places, and played an energetic game of fetch.

When this guy gets the chance to play in water he just exudes joy!

He makes up his own games with the glowing green fetch sticks, and then lets us know the rules.

A few weeks ago, while Tucker was leaping and bounding at a different river, a man stopped to watch. He kept saying, “Look at him! He’s so happy! Just look at him!”
After repeating this several times, he turned to me, lowered his head and his tone and sadly said, “We have a dog. It’s a Maltese.” I have to confess, I had a hard time not laughing. But I do have to agree with the guy, it is fun watching Tucker have fun!

The water is starting to get a bit cold (although it doesn’t affect me since my hubby is the one in the water with him!) but we should still have a couple more outings before winter.

I have a feeling that next month we will learn from a reliable Lab source that it’s really Fetchgiving…though I suspect we can still have turkey!


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