The Flavor of February: Winter Warblers

The winter season tends to hold a lot of backyard bird activity, so I thought over the course of this month, I’d spotlight some of the birds that have been showing up…sort of give you “The Flavor of February.”

How about we start things off with my duo of winter Warblers?

First on the billing is the Yellow-rumped Warbler (a little bird I adore)  who arrives in late fall and stays til early spring. His markings start off with an abundance of beige and cream and dabs of yellow, but will blacken up when mating season rolls around.

Alert and active, he is quite territorial and is constantly dive-bombing other Warblers.

Occasionally, he will hop down to the Bark Butter branches and refuel, but he doesn’t tend to linger long.

Even when he pauses to pose, he is still looking about to see if any competitors need chasing away.

His sun-shiny, sweet-singing cousin, the Pine Warbler, is a year round resident in my neck of the woods, but he comes to the feeders more frequently in the colder weather.

More sweet-tempered than his butter-butt relative, these guys brighten the backyard with their vibrant colors and their cheerful warbling.

Occasionally another Warbler wanders through, but these two are my frequent February visitors and are always welcome guests.

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