Return of the Red-bellied

Now that the Flicker who had been frequenting the feeders in the winter months has disappeared, the Red-bellied Woodpeckers have once again become regular backyard visitors.

This fellow dropped in the other day to partake of some peanuts. He perched on the rail to grab a nut..

…and then flew to one of the branches strapped to the deck.

It is fascinating to watch them lodge a peanut into a crevice in the wood so they can peck at it. This fellow used his talon to help hold it in place.

Once he had finished with one nut…

…he made sure the coast was clear…

…and then swooped down to grab another.

I am grateful for the return of these Red-bellied birds – though blush-bellied may have been a better suited name.

10 thoughts on “Return of the Red-bellied

  1. I guess my flicker is a year round fellow here in Asheville, He was there this morning back on its heels, carefully selecting the bggest peanuts. I can’t see where their shells are cracked & the nuts savored. I’m glad it keeps coming around. Thank you for these wonderful photos of “your” red bellied (which I always mispronounce– on purpose).

  2. Wow! Those are amazing shots! He is beautiful and I love his coloring! I know he was so much to watch!

    1. Quite fun! And this afternoon I saw my first Red-headed Woodpecker of the season stop by, so I hopefully I can get some shots of him soon. 🙂

      1. That’s wonderful! Oh I hope you do and I would love to see it! I’ve never seen one around here. 😃

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