Announcement of Availability

I have been enjoying watching the male birds in the backyard announce their availability to the eligible females.

Some, like the Cowbirds, perch on a branch and then poof their feathers while loudly serenading their perspective mates.

The Red-winged Blackbirds do the same thing, but they also show the bold bands of color on their wings as an added element of allure.

Other birds seem to choose procuring food as a favored method of flirting. This handsome male Cardinal arrived (literally) with some grub to offer…

…but the female he was aiming to entice ignored his offering and flew to the other side of the yard. I’m not sure if she was intent on ditching her date or just playing a bit hard to get.

Of course, the winner of the most masterful woo-er award goes to the male Bluebird. Besides his dashingly good looks, this fellow has acquired the art of double mealworm nabbing.

Also, I watched him guarding…

…and glancing…

…while she took a leisurely bath and preened her pretty feathers.

This fellow is for sure the total package.

It’s a fun time of year for backyard bird photography!


12 thoughts on “Announcement of Availability

  1. We’ve been watching a batch of male cardinals trying to outdo each other…and the robin-boys have been feisty too. Your shots really tell the story, Kathy–they’re wonderful!

  2. Beautiful shots! I especially love the bluebirds! They are so much fun to watch and are not afraid to flaunt it! 😃

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