Worthy of the Name

Often times, when one sees a Red-bellied Woodpecker, there is little, if any, red on the belly…as in the case of this fellow who stopped in the other day.

But every once in awhile, one comes along that is worthy of the name…like this handsome male who dropped in for a visit to the Bark Butter branch.

His belly is one of the reddest I have seen before in this type of Woodpecker.

He must have given off an “I’m a force to be reckoned with” kind of aura, because this Red-headed Woodpecker (who is normally more aggressive) watched and waited until this fellow had his fill before flying in for his turn.

Whether they be Red-bellied or Red-headed, I am happy to have these guys adding beauty to the backyard.

10 thoughts on “Worthy of the Name

  1. They are amazing, beautiful birds. I love all the woodpeckers. These are terrific photos as always. Hugs

  2. Such elegant birds – both species – and beautifully captured for posterity, Kathy! Is the male’s belly redder during the breeding season?

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