14 thoughts on “Bluebird Beauty

  1. Beautiful indeed! Love these birds, but we rarely see them where I live. However, the other day, I was so blessed to see ten cedar wax wings in the same tree, and then an eleventh one flew in. It was a lovely sunny morning and they glowed. Even the bark on trees is interesting and beautiful — we only need to take time to observe.

  2. Most of us who watch the birds, know Thoreau’s words about the bluebird carrying the sky on it’s back. I looked up Emily Dickinson, who always had a poetic insight into her world. Here’s her poem of The Bluebird: Before you thought of spring,
    Except as a surmise,
    You see, God bless his suddenness,
    A fellow in the skies
    Of independent hues,
    A little weather-worn,
    Inspiriting habiliments
    Of indigo and brown.

    With specimens of song,
    As if for you to choose,
    Discretion in the interval,
    With gay delays he goes
    To some superior tree
    Without a single leaf,
    And shouts for joy to nobody
    But his seraphic self!
    “A fellow in the skies of independent hues….& “he goes to some superior tree”, Yours, Kathy! “And shouts for joy to nobody but his seraphic self”. But you heard him, observed his magnificent independent hues, & captured it all so brilliantly to share with all of us. On such a day as we have here, I can only surmise spring & bluebirds, but you’ve given me a vision of joys to come. Thank you, again, Kathy, for Your eyes to see.

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