A Fine Time For Fishing

Hubby and I just returned from spending several days in the outskirts of Orlando, traipsing about the wetlands, taking bird picture…after bird picture…after bird picture. This man sure must love me!

The day we arrived, we checked into the hotel and then quickly drove over to Merritt Island, where we soon discovered it was a fine evening for fishing.

Several Gulls were flying overhead, scanning the water below in search of a fresh meal.

This one swooped down for a successful snare.

As soon as I had snapped these shots, a Great Egret came in carrying his catch.

It seemed he might have bit off more than he could chew, as he kept trying to reposition his fish.

At one point, he turned to the side and lowered the fish into the water, perhaps trying to get a better grip. This turned out to be a huge mistake!

Do you remember the old McDonald’s commercial? The one that warned you to “keep your eyes on your fries!”…well, I think the same thing must go for fish because at that moment a Great Blue Heron came swooping in with his eyes glued to the Egret’s dinner.

He skidded in, looking a bit like a flasher…

…and strutted towards the startled Egret, who dropped his meal in the water.

…and then strutted over to where the startled Egret had dropped his fish.

Then the blue-hued bandit confiscated the catch…

…and quickly swallowed it whole!

Not hard to see where the fish is now, eh?

What a way to start the trip! This whole scenario was so fascinating to watch.

We had such a wonderful time, and God blessed us with incredibly beautiful birds to behold. I can’t wait to share more pictures with you in the days ahead!

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