A Welcome Arrival

I was just thinking that I hadn’t yet seen a Gulf Fritillary on the front yard flowers this season, and then, as if on cue, one made its arrival.

I think these butterflies are fascinating to watch, with their vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns.

The way the light fell in the photo below, combined with the blurred background of a shaded evergreen, gave the picture a rather dramatic appearance. It was purely accidental, but I must confess I like it!

Fritillaries…without a doubt are lovley…

…but their beauty pales in comparison to my granddaughter, Little Miss Miriam, who made her arrival this weekend as well!

I couldn’t resist sharing her picture too! And if my picture taking slacks off a bit, it may be because my hands are too full to hold a camera!

7 thoughts on “A Welcome Arrival

  1. Beautiful butterflies and even more beautiful is you newborn Granddaughter! Thanks for sharing this wonderful event.,

  2. Congratulations! Both on the frittililies (that for some reason I always think of as Fritto Lay’s) but especially on the little one!

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