Birds, Bees and Butterflies

I stole away to the front yard for a bit this morning and enjoyed a few quiet moments surrounded by beauty.

Several bees were buzzing about…

…as well as this Ruby-throated Hummingbird, who was intent on investigating the Trumpet Vine.

This cute little Fiery Skipper was flitting from flower to flower…

…while its Silver-spotted cousin was enjoying the Butterfly Bush.

A couple of Tiger Swallowtails were also sampling nectar from the blossoms.

Always nice to get out for a bit of soul refreshment!

6 thoughts on “Birds, Bees and Butterflies

    1. 4000…these little buggers are hard to get unblurry! (Pretty sure this was the only one out of about twenty shots that turned out halfway decent!)

  1. Beautiful photos Kathy! I am so impressed, I always look forward to seeing what you share with us! Thanks again for this opportunity! Ann

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