Sunday Sightings

July and August are typically months where there is a lull in the backyard bird activity – months where the temperatures are steamy hot here in the Atlanta area. But today, the temps topped out in the mid-eighties and a number of birds seemed to be waiting in the wings, so I headed outside with my camera.

A pair of Robins was the first to arrive, scarfing up food to carry back to their little ones. I never did see the babies, but I sure could hear them!

Blue Jays (of course!) also made an appearance.

My favorite visitor of the day was my handsome Red-headed Woodpecker, who made several trips to the peanut pole. You’d think I’d get used to his beauty, but alas, he still takes my breath away.

Always nice when a weekend holds a bit of time with beauty.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sightings

  1. Love the first one of the robin – with the sun on its chest. Hope your grandchild doing well.

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