Feeding Station Relocation

Have I mentioned lately what a good sport my Hubby is?

Take yesterday, for example. I’m pretty it wasn’t marked on his calendar as “Feeding Station Relocation Day,” and yet he happily humored me and helped move the entire bird feeding area to where there was better lighting. You see, when we moved here in December, our backyard was a nudist colony of bare branched trees, letting plenty of light shine through, but now that May has arrived, they are fully clothed in their leafy spring attire, making the lighting beneath them a bit trickier.

I’d like to say that the birds waited patiently while “we” relocated the feeders and branches, but that would be a lie! In reality, they were landing on limbs before we could even get them fastened. Many of them were babies at various ages and stages, so as soon as the task was complete, I grabbed my camera to snap a few shots.

This young Downy (on the left) and her Mama wasted no time in coming for food, first eating at the tree trunk…

…and then dining at the Bark Butter pole.

A juvenile male Downy flew in on his own to investigate the new set up. You can tell he is still a youngster because his red head feathers are on the top of his head instead of at the base of his neck.

Juvenile Bluebirds were also quick to arrive. Although these fellows are feeding themselves, they’re still freeloading and living at Mom and Dad’s place.

The Red-bellied Woodpeckers were still keeping their kiddos safely tucked away in the nest cavity, making trip after trip to feed them. Mama came first…

…while the little one(s) watched and waited.

And then poor Dad came, looking like he could be the poster picture for frazzled-feather bird parents! To be honest, his disheveled appearance was mostly due to his sitting under the sprinkler for a shower.

Later, when Dad was dried and better groomed, I was able to catch him in the food delivery act.

I so love watching the backyard bird activity. And I love being able to share it with you. So, three cheers for my ever-helpful Hubby, three cheers for a better lit feeding area, and three cheers to you for letting me share something I truly enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Feeding Station Relocation

  1. I just love these terrific photos of your backyard friends, Kathy! Each one is a delight, and I’ve never seen a young bluebird before – what a treat.
    Kudos to your hubby, by the way!

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