Pretty in Pastel

Food and water certainly help bring birds to the backyard, but so do places to perch, which is why “we” cut down a small pine tree and tied it to a towering oak near the waterfall fountain.

I think pine trees are pretty, but what is even prettier is when a Pine Warbler lands on one.

At first I though this was a different kind of Warbler, because I am used to them looking like this fellow below…

…but it turns out they have soft, creamy tones before they mature into adulthood.

Before too long he’ll be boasting his brilliant yellow attire, but for now, I think he is quite pretty in pastel.

4 thoughts on “Pretty in Pastel

  1. I have started filling my feeders again. I had stopped over the summer. The birds are beginning to come back, though nothing like the plethora of warblers you have. I was thrilled to see a red-headed woodpecker this morning on my crabapple tree, not at the feeder. I think maybe the presence of the other birds embolded him. I love seeing your photos.

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