Lively Little Lovelies

Today started off sunny and cold, but by afternoon the first adjective had been eliminated! It seemed like a lot of little birds were showing up, so I grabbed my camera and headed out for a a bit.

A Blue-headed Vireo (this was my first time capturing one in a picture) was darting back and forth between the Holly and the Japanese Maple. He would occasionally dash down for a quick drink, but mostly stayed tucked away amidst the leaves.

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet (whose crown remained concealed) was nipping at some Bark Butter…

…as was a Brown Creeper – a bird whose name makes him sound rather villainous!

And a pretty little Dark-eyed Junco posed on a pine branch before taking a brief bath.

All four of these lively little lovelies are seasonal visitors, not year-round residents, so it is always a treat to have them show up and let me snap a few photos.

4 thoughts on “Lively Little Lovelies

  1. Oh my, that vireo! I’ve never seen one…so cute! And the brown creeper! Merlin says they are around here, but I haven’t seen one…yet. We are swarming with juncos, they sure are beautiful. This year is the first year I was able to notice the female junco…just a slightly lighter shade of brown/grey.

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