Thirty-Bird Challenge: The Bird in Black

If I say “the man in black” – and you are anything like me – you will immediately think of The Princess Bride.
But if I say “the bird in black” – would you think of the American Crow?

This bird (who comes in at #16 in the April Thirty-Bird Challenge) is the biggest bird that visits my backyard on a regular basis, and he is black from his feathers to his feet. Even his beak is black.

Crows are the only bird that my sweet and sassy Labra-mutt, Chaco, will chase. I’m pretty sure, like me, she considers them squirrels with wings! What’s funny is that when she chases them and stands beneath the tree barking at them, they often perch overhead and sound as if they’re barking right back!

Not only are they the largest bird in the backyard, they are also the loudest, and can empty a feeder as fast as I can fill it.

I’ll usually let them grab a bite or two, and then turn into an animated scarecrow and try to shoo them away.

Ah well, I guess every bird can’t be a favorite!

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